Long considered a thought leader in the industry, our own Glenn Sexton was recently featured on a national webinar sponsored by the Telecommunications Association Industry (TIA). Glenn joined Jonathan Jew of J&M Consultants to discuss “Data Center Design/Planning and Upcoming Changes to the ANSI/TIA-94.”

Glenn touched briefly on industry trends (the shift to wireless, moving IP connectivity to controllers, and remote building connectivity), and offered some surprising insights later in the webinar (forget organizing cables in a tight bundle; a looser arrangement is a better way to go.)

Glenn’s primary focus was on the importance of thorough Data Center planning, one of his core areas of expertise. Listeners received valuable suggestions on rack selection, grounding and bonding, and seismic considerations, as well as guidance on HVAC layouts, optimal data center location, and best practices in data center cabling.

As Glenn emphasized, “We’re in an era of continual change. We’ve got to keep our equipment current, we’ve got to keep our systems current, we’ve got to get things done correctly if we’re going to get the job done.”

To hear the full webinar, visit https://goo.gl/AXQTIg