Diane Forbes, Chief Operating Officer at NIS Consulting, was re-affirmed as Vice-Chair for two subcommittees in Telecommunications Association Industry (TIA). In an industry dependent on regulations and standards, Diane is committed to TIA’s focus on the future of telecommunications infrastructure.

These two subcommittees are 42.1 and 42.5 which set the standards for customer-owned telecommunications networks and resolve differences in the practice of these standards. Diane has the opportunity to collaborate on new initiatives and revise existing standards.

Upcoming work in 2019, 42.1 will be reopening and revising TIA 4966: Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Education Spaces. This is the first time since 2014 that the committee will revisit this standard. Diane will be leading this effort and welcome input from those in the education space that want to participate.

Diane has been with NIS for seven years. She has been fundamental in NIS’ telecommunication consulting efforts for K-12, government, and public transportation clients primarily focused on documentation and analysis as related to procurement efforts.


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