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NIS assisted the District in designing and implementing a new VoIP system in 2008. The project began with a discovery and assessment phase, during which NIS reviewed and reported on the existing system; the focus being on the current infrastructure’s ability to support a new VoIP platform, with particular regard to the needs and interests of the end users. All findings, including problems, risks, or other issues were organized into a formal report and distributed to the District managers.

During the design phase, NIS and the District team worked together to research solutions and alternatives that would meet the requirements of the District end users. Based on this information, as well as the overall project budget, recommendations were made and technical designs and specifications were created.

The procurement process commenced with NIS writing an RFP and moved forward with NIS managing and implementing the RFP process. A five-year lifecycle cost analysis of the top vendors was created prior to making a final recommendation to the District. Once NIS assisted the District in negotiations and contracts, the project moved forward to installation. NIS provided project management for the installation as well as all post-cutover support and quality assurance. Once the system was installed, NIS managed the implementation of E911 District-wide.

In 2010, the NIS was hired by Hill International to provide specifications and drawing modifications for renovations of the high school, a middle school, and an elementary school. Renovations included design of outlet locations and an AV system.


"NIS is a passionate team of professionals that we consider more as a partner in our work, than just a vendor. After working with NIS for more than a decade, I would highly recommend their expertise in many areas from network infrastructure and wireless projects to upgrading our Data Center to current standards.  We have hired NIS for various projects and have found that from planning to integrating, their experience and expertise complements our internal staff to deliver high-value services to our school district, every time."

"The background and knowledge they can bring to the table, especially when it comes to working in the field of education with network telecommunications, is far superior to any other consulting company I have worked with."
Karl Grandlund Jr., Beaverton School District 
"NIS is more than a consultant the college hires to assist with various projects. They have become a partner who understands Portland Community College and participates with the best interest of PCC in mind."
"When we started exploring a possible purchase of VoIP systems, we found the process and information to be very overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough for the assistance of NIS, and the work of Mike and Diane, in particular, in helping us navigate these complicated waters."
Janice R. Morgan, Executive Director,  Legal Aid Services of Oregon


Central Valley School District

PROJECT OVERVIEW In the Spring of 2013, Central Valley School District (CVSD) approached NIS to assist them in an infrastructure upgrade to bring all 26 District sites up-to-date with wireless applications. The project began with a District-wide assessment to...

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Everett Public Schools

PROJECT OVERVIEW NIS managed procurement and implementation for the District’s 10Gbps Ethernet/IPv4 fiber optics-based infrastructure. We helped design the physical topology, the routing technologies, and the failover components, and were actively involved in managing...

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Hillsboro School District

PROJECT OVERVIEW NIS has been engaged in various ways throughout the Hillsboro School District for the last 20 years. We have performed significant design work in all of the District’s facilities and we are the telecom consultant for each new building added to the...

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Mukilteo School District

PROJECT OVERVIEW NIS established a relationship with Mukilteo School District in 2006 by performing a data center assessment to evaluate the communications infrastructure including voice, video, data networking, server, and cabling. The assessment was completed using...

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Parkrose School District

PROJECT OVERVIEW In 2011, NIS performed a District-wide technology review for the Parkrose School District. The assessment included a review of the District’s cable and infrastructure, LAN and WAN connectivity, wireless connectivity, and Building Automation System...

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Tigard-Tualatin School District

PROJECT OVERVIEW NIS performed a cabling modification project for 16 sites within the Tigard-Tualatin School District in 2011. This project included design and planning, procurement, selection, project management, and quality assurance. Before the project could begin,...

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Evergreen Public Schools; Vancouver, WA

PROJECT OVERVIEW NIS is currently engaged with Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, Washington, to perform planning, design, procurement, implementation, construction management, and commissioning for a District-wide physical security upgrade that will include IP...

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Beaverton School Distict

PROJECT OVERVIEW NIS has been working with Beaverton School District for several years. Our first project was an in-depth analysis of the then-current telecommunications infrastructure, which resulted in cable design for 50 sites to include drawings for all locations...

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