Hillsboro School District

In 1996, a number of smaller school districts merged into the Hillsboro School District, and NIS was brought in to help bring many disparate systems into one.

Each of the outlier schools was supported with different cabling, and all of them were outdated and insufficient to support modern needs. We began by informally standardizing the District’s cabling; then put together a plan to move through the existing facilities school by school, and design a new infrastructure.

Our “jack-is-a-jack-is-a-jack” approach was groundbreaking at the time: By merging the voice and data onto the same delivery mechanism, rather than maintaining separate voice and data connections, we saved the District a significant amount of time and money.

We also put together a structured cabling system that supported all technologies (long before it was standard industry practice) leading the way for future technologies and applications. We formalized standards in official documentation, and continue to update them the District as technology and industry best practice evolve.

Today, NIS continues to be a trusted resource for the District. We have since been included on a number of projects, including technology design for new schools and we are currently working on the design and implementation project management for the District-wide wireless upgrade.