PIVOT Architecture (for Eugene 4J School District)

NIS was tapped by PIVOT Architecture to help design the communications, electronic safety and security for Eugene 4J School District’s two new elementary schools. We were part of a team called in to design Howard and River Road Elementary Schools on a tight schedule.

Using a staggered design approach that carried from the first school to the second, PIVOT devised a “piece parts” model—a building block, Lego-like approach—and our integrated technology design had to fit and flow accordingly.

The District had its sights set on using bleeding edge technology. However, understanding that budget is a concern with public school districts, we offered advice on how to integrate the cutting edge with alternative suggestions to maximize the desired functionality, for less cost with less risk. For example, using short-throw projectors and software solutions proved more cost effective than smartboards that provided similar functionality.

The District selected the AMX School View platform to provide integrated technology control. The AMX platform, provides the option to control multiple types of technology, from in-room teaching tools to building intelligence. The District is currently using it for lighting, with the option to tie into security cameras and access control in the future.